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Who is Pat Montgomery?

Q:  Why did you write the book:  Now You Know What I Know: Parenting Wisdom of a Grandmother?

A:  I wanted to make a list for my kids of things I learned as I raised them.  They will make their own parenting mistakes, so I wanted them not to make the ones I did.  When my “list” got to about 25 pages, I realized it was going to be a book of parenting advice from my experiences.

Q: How did you get a radio show?

A:  Right place, right time.  I talked to the program director of the station about possibly interviewing me about my book.  Little did I know, she wanted to add a parenting show to the schedule and she offered me the opportunity. So I had the opportunity to pass on not only my own parenting advice and timely information, that of people much smarter than me. 

Q:  Why did Parents Rule! move to YouTube?

A:  Although radio is an excellent medium and I loved being on the air, it was time for a change.  With the YouTube segments, parents can listen for just a few minutes and get some valuable advice rather than having to devote a whole hour to the show.  Now they can watch a show on their smartphone or iPad in the carpool lane, on a sports bleacher, or even in line at the grocery store.  Also it will be easier to access older shows–on the internet, they are there forever.  

Q:  What is your main goal with the book and the show?

A:  Helping parents raise the next generation with love and common sense is my goal.  It was all so hard to come by when I was raising my kids, but the internet has revolutionized how we gather information.  I try to always have timely topics on my blog as well. 

Q:  Why did you write the e-book, The Patriot Parent: Still the Best Hope for America?

A:  I feel a great sadness about the limited knowledge our younger generation has about our government and the blessings of our country.  In tandem, the level of patriotism seems to be diminishing.  I wanted to send a clarion call to parents to do what my dad–teach their own kids about the wonderful country in which they live and re-kindle a fervor of patriotism, which we are going to need in this wired world if we are to maintain our liberties in the face of such determined enemies. 

Q:  Will there be any more books?

A:  Actually right now I am working on two others—in my spare time.  I also have ideas written down everywhere.  You never know when inspiration will hit. 

Q:  How do you like being a grandparent?  Is it what you expected?

A:  It is so much better than I thought.  The idea of being a grandma scared me—the whole “am I old enough to be a grandma?” question bothered me. But it is a stage, like all the others in life.  And I am young enough that I can get on the floor and wrestle or go outside and play ball.  So we have a great time.  Then I get to go home and get a good night’s sleep.  It is wonderful. 

Q:  What is one thing most people don’t know about you?

A:  I am a certified paranormal investigator.

 Pat Montgomery is…

  • Author
  • YouTube video blog host
  • Blogger
  • Radio talk show host
  • Business owner
  • Speaker
  • Trainer
  • Mother of 3
  • Stepmother of 2
  • Grandmother of 14
  • Wife to a wonderful, supportive husband

There is only one pretty child in the world, and every mother has it

–Chinese Proverb

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