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From Size 14 to 10!

Update on my exercise program! I lasted more than two weeks.  In fact, amazingly I am finishing my fourth week.  So, how am I doing? Well, the first week was purely miserable. I sweated. I ached. I whined. I cussed–yes, … Continue reading

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Can You Put Your Feet Beside Your Ears and Scratch Your Butt?

Last week I started an exercise program–not sure why.  Well, yes I am.  My daughter in law does it (the one next to me in this photo that weighs less than 100 lbs.–the other beautiful lady is another daughter in law–this was … Continue reading

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I Say No to Bald Barbie…

But wait…hear me out. There is a well meaning campaign to put bald Barbies on the shelf in support of children who are undergoing cancer treatments. I understand, to some extent, the reason that these women are promoting this campaign–they … Continue reading

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Live Like You Are Dying

A few weeks ago, my husband and I went on a wonderful trip to Key West and one of the hightlights of the trip was taking a sea plane out to and exploring Dry Tortugas National Park. During the flight, … Continue reading

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If We Take Obese Kids Out of Homes, Who is Next?

It is all over the news today. A couple of doctors at Harvard want the government to remove obese children from their homes, place them on foster care, and treat the obesity. Let me think, didn’t I hear something else … Continue reading

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Give the Botox to Barbie!

On Good Morning America there was story about a mom who injected her 8-year old daughter with Botox for an upcoming beauty pagent in which the girl was a participant. am alternately saddened and enraged by this story.   … Continue reading

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Cured of Ovarian Cancer!

“He said that as far as he was concerned I was cured.” These are the words my beautiful daughter just shared with me over the phone as she drove home from her GYN oncologist’ s office. She was diagnosed with … Continue reading

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Parenting Lessons from Jared Loughner

When I hear something that seems as senseless and vile as the shooting this week in Arizona, I try to find a positive or a lesson from it. Nothing in life is completely random. It seems clear that this young … Continue reading

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