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Now You Know What I Know: Parenting Wisdom of a Grandmother

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Pat is often asked to be a guest on other programs

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Pat was a guest on The Let’s Talk Mom with Bianca and Phillip discussing Scary Teen Stats and Peer Pressure (Download CDC Report)

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Pat discusses The Law of Attraction and Parenting on Universal Energy Radio with Anna Banguilan

Kate Daniels on KRWM-FM Easy Listening in Seattle WA discussing Mother's Day Gift: Put on Some Clothes (Listen to Archive)

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kidam_tinyPat was a featured speaker on The Neal Larson Show on 590 KID news radio discussing "How Parents Can Help Save this Country"

2012 LOGO stackedPat was at Parents Palooza as a featured speaker Saturday, Nov 10 and Sunday, Nov 11 Topics:
  • Guilt is Not Healthy for Parents and Other Living Creatures
  • 5 Actions Parents Must Take to Protect Our Way of Life
Now You Know What I Know: Parenting Wisdom of a Grandmother

'Now You Know What I Know' is a must-have jewel for all parents - 'Now You Know What I Know: Parenting Wisdom of a Grandmother' by Pat Montgomery is a rare exception. Ms. Montgomery presents her words of wisdom wrapped in a sensitive, caring and loving array of stories and examples that makes the reader feel welcome, intelligent and empowered. Each chapter addresses a different parenting topic. Whether she covers babies, siblings and friends, spirituality or teens, she provides her readers with beneficial guidance coated in loving words and a knowledgeable embrace.--by Trella Walker, (Read the rest of the review!)

I finished your book! Bravo!! I truly did enjoy reading it.    LD, Georgia

Montgomery offers pearls of parenting wisdom in an easy conversational style that is punctuated with real-life examples, grace, and humor. Parents and grandparents will alternately find themselves nodding in knowing agreement, wanting to rewind time in order to re-do something better this time around, or taking notes for future encounters.    (From Review of book in Crossroads Newsletter)

Pat, I read your book and really enjoyed it. One of my favorite pages was 94, about planting the seed. It is so true and I wish all young parents would purchase and read your book.     SC, Tennessee

This is a very inspiring book that gives you a lot to think about on how you might want to raise your kids.   MH, Georgia

Pat takes you for a memorable walk down the path of reality and shares insights every parent can benefit from.   PG, Georgia

…someone emailed me and suggested I read your book, just figured you should know that people in Minnesota know about you.   from a friend

Loved your book!  JM, Montana

What I am writing for is to thank you for your book. I finished it in a day it was so good.   CJ, Ontario, Canada

Your book is great, Pat.  JE, Florida

Pat’s Radio Show

I was finally able to hear your radio show and it was really, really good.  My husband liked it too.   MS, Georgia

I have had a chance to listen to your shows.  Am proud to say “You go, Girl”.  Enjoyed especially today's.   AE, Georgia

Thank you for inviting us to be on your show.  I really appreciated all the time you took to be sure the topic would be handled in a sensitive manner.    AA, Georgia (after a show on Perinatal Loss)

Thank you for the opportunity to join you on Parents Rule!  Your warmth and insightful questions really made the show.  It was such a pleasure to chat with you.   GWB, MD  Georgia

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